Statement of the Coalition for Police Accountability on Settlement to Fired Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick


Oakland CA; July 27: Former Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick was fired in February of 2020 by a joint decision of Oakland’s Mayor Schaaf and the Oakland Police Commission. Her legal challenge netted her what she would have received upon her termination, a year’s salary. She chose to fight the decision by 2 branches of city government to let her go, refusing her salary payout in lieu of a lawsuit. Ultimately, that is what she won plus her legal fees.

CPA Calls for Firing at Earlier Press Event

In fact, the Coalition for Police Accountability, CPA, held a press conference a year before Kirkpatrick’s termination calling for her removal for undermining appropriate discipline in OPD’s tragic and unnecessary shooting of Joshua Pawlik. Her tenure was filled with a series of missteps and antagonism towards constitutional policing and community oversight. The end of her term has given Oakland an opportunity to move forward in pursuit of constitutional, and transparent policing and a respectful relationship with the community and its oversight body.

CPA Board Secretary Sheryl Walton stated, “From her decision to assist ICE’s attempted deportation under false circumstances to her administration’s failure to move the department out of federal oversight-in fact overseeing a backward slide-and the unnecessary death of a homeless man, she proved herself not up to the challenge; and Oakland has been able to move forward since her termination.”

Contact: Pamela Drake, pamelaadrake@gmail, 510-593-3721

One thought on “Statement of the Coalition for Police Accountability on Settlement to Fired Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick

  1. Can you post this on FB; I’m not seeing it there. I appreciate your summation. It is infuriating that this woman and the mayor get away with this both the robbery of our coffers and not doing the right thing when she held such power in our city.

    Thank you, Alberta

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